Note that this is a living document, and we will continue to add to it as the project progresses. If you have questions or feedback, either add a comment to this page or email us at

What is NextGen Confluence?

Next Gen Confluence is the future version of the Atlassian collaboration and documentation tool at Red Hat. The project includes:

  • Upgrading the Confluence Server product to Confluence Data Center
    • This will also include upgrading to the latest support version 8.4
  • Combining this instance of Confluence ( with Red Hat's internal Confluence instance
  • Updating the URL of the single Red Hat Confluence instance to
  • Providing an enterprise-level platform that no longer lives behind VPN (the internal Confluence instance currently lives behind VPN)

When will the Confluence uplift happen?

The Confluence uplift is being rolled out in phases, with an anticipated completion date in December 2023.

Who is performing the uplift to Next Gen Confluence?

The PLME team will perform the uplift to Next Gen Confluence. 

Will there be an outage for the uplift?

There will be an outage required for the uplift, and PLME will be communicating this at a later time when we have determined the schedule.

What changes will I see after the uplift?

You will see the following changes:

  • Confluence will be outside of the VPN (the internal Confluence instance currently lives behind VPN).
  • Space permissions will be limited to Red Hat only by default, but space owners can open up spaces to the public if desired.
  • The new URL for the combined Confluence site will be
  • New functionality will be available in Confluence Data Center. There is also new functionality that will be available with the upgrade to Confluence 8.4.

Will I be able to try things out before the production release for the uplift?

Yes, internally we will have a stage environment for testing. Details to come.

Will you have office hours to answer questions about the new Confluence?

Yes, we will have office hours to support this project. Details to come.

Where can Red Hat employees find more information about Next Gen Confluence?

Red Hat employees should visit Next Gen Confluence in the PGE instance of Confluence for more detailed information about the uplift.

If I need assistance with Confluence during or after the uplift, what should I do?

Red Hat employees can reach out to us in the forum-plme-tools Slack channel. If you need a more detailed answer, submit a request to PLME at 

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