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  1. What is Personal Access Token?
    1. Personal Access Token (PATs) is a secure way to use scripts and integrate external applications with your Atlassian application. If an external system is compromised, you revoke the token instead of changing the password and consequently changing it in all scripts and integrations. Personal access tokens are a safe alternative to using username and password for authentication with various services. 
  2. Can I still use Basic Auth to access API?
    1. We'll be decommissioning Basic Authentication completely, which was being used to access REST API. The date for this is .
  3. Should I create Personal Access Token? Or will one be providing?
    1. The user must create and use Personal Access Token from their end. Please follow the Personal Access Token Usage guide.
  4. Can I continue to use my existing Jira Personal / Bot account with Personal Access Token?
    1. Yes, we're not deleting/changing existing user/bot accounts. We're just changing the way to access REST API from Basic Authentication to Personal Access Token.
  5. Can I use the same Personal Access Token indefinitely?
    1. No. As part of security best practices, Personal Access Token should be renewed every 90 days.
  6. I use third-party tools/scripts to access REST API on Red Hat Jira. How do I know whether they support this feature?
    1. The majority of the tools/scripts support Personal Access Token. For example: 
      1. (Python Library)
      2. (Java Library)
  7. Is it still mandatory to register a service/bot account on Red Hat SSO?
    1. All Red Hat users the service/bot accounts must be registered on Red Hat SSO to access Red Hat Jira. To register your service/bot accounts, you can email for assistance. 
  8. How many tokens can I create and use at one time?
    The maximum number of tokens allowed per user is 10. 
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