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  1. I am a Red Hat employee where can I find internal resources?
    1. If you are a Red Hat employee then you can find information from our internal docs space by searching "FAQ - Support Enterprise Authentication Release" (keep quotes) on Doc Engineering or reach out to us on Jira Users chat.
  2. What is changing with Red Hat Jira Enterprise Authentication?
    1. We are removing the reliance on JBoss SSO ( authentication, and Red Hat Jira will only use Red Hat SSO for authentication (
  3. When will this change take effect?
    1. We have released this change to production on Saturday, .
  4. Why are we changing and moving to only Red Hat SSO for Red Hat Jira Enterprise Authentication?
    1.  Red Hat has evolved its SSO implementation. We are taking this opportunity to adopt it and remove redundancies, remove possible data corruption, make things consistent for our users, and reduce any complexities that come with maintaining a different user base and usernames mappings.
  5. My earlier Jira profile username was ‘XXXX,’ but I see it now replaced with my Red Hat SSO username. Why has it changed?
    1. Yes, that’s an expected change. We have deprecated JBoss SSO, and we are using Red Hat SSO user names directly in Jira. Previously, we had an additional layer mapping Red Hat SSO usernames to Jira Profile usernames, which is no longer available. 
  6. I want my Jira username changed from my Red Hat Jira SSO username. Can I have a username of my choice?
    1. No. Red Hat Jira no longer maintains a unique database for user name lookup and mapping and instead uses Red Hat SSO. Therefore we are reliant on the governance of Red Hat usernames which PME cannot change.
  7. Can I create multiple accounts with the same email address on Jira? 
    1. No. With Red Hat Jira Enterprise authentication, one user can have only one account per email address. If you must have more than one account, you will need to create a new Red Hat SSO account with a unique email address/alias for the new Red Hat Jira account.
  8. Is there a change to the way I log in through API?
    1. For existing users, At this time, we are not changing the way you access the API. 
  9. I see ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error while accessing Red Hat Jira. How to fix it?
    1. Open in the incognito window and try to access it.
    2. If it works in incognito then open the regular browser window, clear cache, and cookies and then try accessing Red Hat Jira with base URL, i.e
      1. Check if you're logged in on - error can be caused by many redirects to the login page
    3. If not, please send a ticket to
  10. I see my filters / quick filters broken due to username change. How to fix it?
    This is a known issue and the Admin team is actively working on it to fix it. This should be fixed in the next 1-2 days. 
  11. When I try going to a direct Jira link (, I either can't login or get an error and can't access the issue. How do I access them?
    1. You need to go directly to and sign-in on the main page. Once you sign in, you can then access the other issues via their URL as a workaround.
    2. We are currently working on resolving this issue. 
  12. How do I get support for issues I am facing that are not addressed by this FAQ?
    1. Please open a support request by emailing